oldsore 5ml

  • Removes cold sores in 24 hours
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • The only effective cold sore treatment

    Maximum 10 bottles






Customer Reviews

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Carys Smith
Can't live without this product now.

I've always suffered with really bad cold sores and I don't always get that tingly feeling before one is coming so it is hard for me to catch them so early on, but I couldn't live without this product now.

I've used it a few times now and it doesn't get rid of mine within 24 hours but it does take away the swelling (and my lips triple in size).

It also makes my cold sore almost invisible which Is amazing as I find them super embarrassing.

Healing time is cut from over 2 weeks to a few days, 4 max. I'm also usually left with purple scaring once the cold sore has gone and I've found this product helps the discolouration.

Small packaging makes it so easy and discrete carrying it around.

You do need to be re applying this often. The more, the better. I set an alarm for every 30 min and although it's can be annoying it is worth it.

The smell is quite intense, the taste isn't nice either and can be drying but 100% worth it.

Ashley Stone
Sceptical but amazing

Excellent product after fighting cold sores for many years, all other creams/treatments are now obsolete


Catch the sore on day one and it will never develop

Improved healing time for sure

You can feel the oil working and dissolving the cold sore in the crusty stage and it dissolves it right off

Less severe symptoms


Will dry your lips out if over applied so be careful where you put it!

Tastes bad if you get it in your mouth 😂

When used with lip balm can spread infection (very occasionally)

Lowena Sandercock
Was skeptical - but it worked!

Ok so having had to manage cold sores of varying severity over the years and trying every oitment, patch or gimick on the planet i thought i would try Oldsore.

This recent outbreak was on and below my lip and there were about 5 of them together so I was starring down the barrel of a mess of crusty scabs for all of Christmas and New year.

I first felt the dreaded tingling and pulsating on Monday night adn my first application of Oldsore started onn Monday night adn then upon waking I continued the treatment. Having read the reviews, what I noticed is alot of people were talking about frequency, so i made sure i was applying avery 15-20 mins. By Tuesday night I nearly buckled and gave in, but then I awoke on Wednesday to (almost) healed coldsores.

I continued the frequent application throughout Wenesday adn on Thursday, whilst still quite red, the five coldsores were practically gone and its now just the site in its final healing stages. Had i left thsi or used an oitment, i probably would have been looking at two weeks before i was at this phase.

For those who understand the benefits of Bio-oil, then in my opinion this is similar in that it provides a dry oil type situation where the coldsore can heal whilst the oil manages the scabbing and cracking. the natural ingrediaents deal with teh virus itself.

Cons: If you dont like teatree or peepermint then you wont like this. Its a very strong smell and exteremly bitter if you accidently get it in your mouth. I think I would always use this is the coldsore is not actually near the inside of my lip as there is no way you could put this on and keep tasting it. It does sting and burn a little so you need to be aware of that. The biggest thing is frequency of application. In three days i have used 70% of a tiny bottle, it needs to be as continuous as you can do it. Its not magic, you do need to take accountability of how often you put it on.

But all in all I was very impressed and i am now looking forwards to a Christmas with a fully healed multiple cold sore site. i am going to uy some more to have in stock, but will make the decision if I use it on the next one depending where it appears.

Very good though! I wasnt sure and reading lots of mixed reviews, It doesnt take them away in 24 hours (not mine anyway) but by day 3 they are in teh latter stages.

Imogen Cummings
Absolutely amazing!

I never leave a review for any purchases I make but I had to make an exception for this little bottle of gold! I was sceptical when I bought this as I didn’t think anything could cure a cold sore before it broke out. But how wrong was I. I woke with the usual swelling on my lip & tingling yesterday & thought oh great just in time for Xmas (a week away) Applied this ointment throughout the day & it has disappeared the day after! This stuff is amazing! 100% would recommend to a regular cold sore sufferer like myself! Wish I had found it sooner!

Chloe R.
Biggest scam!!!!

Completely unprofessional when dealing with customers considering it is a new business. To cut a long story short don’t pay the extra £5 for “special delivery” it’s a waste of time and comes the same time as normal delivery. The product itself doesn’t do much apart from burn your lips and make a bigger scab than the actual sore. I don’t believe it sped the process up I think creams work better and achieve a less nasty looking result. I believe it’s just a glorified tea tree oil.

Product description

The oil has been created with specific ingredients that stop cold sores in their tracks. The oldsore cold sore oil is the most effective solution available. oldsore oil drastically lowers the lifecycle of a cold sore from 14 days to 24 hours, resulting in you never having to worry about cold sores again.

Our aim is to ensure nobody ever worries if they have a cold sore again. Within this cold sore treatment, there are no harsh chemicals or ingredients, just pure, safe 100% natural oils. One of the main drivers of oldsore is tea tree oil, which is not only natural but also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat cold sores. The product is being shipped worldwide to ensure sufferers globally have access to the first cold sore cure that actually works.

There is a limited stock of oldsore available. Order yours today so you can keep smiling. This product contains no animal products.

Creams are a popular treatment option for cold sores, but research has shown that they are not as effective as other treatments.

For the most effective treatment, use oldsore today.

Don’t just take our word for it


Tea tree, Lemon balm, Peppermint and Aloe vera.

The Science Behind the ingredients

Tea Tree oil

This natural product has antiviral properties. Research has shown that tea tree can help to reduce the number of viral cells, as well as the symptoms of cold sores. In addition, tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can help to soothe and disinfect the affected area, reducing the risk of infection.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm contains a compound known as rosmarinic acid that has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage, while antimicrobials kill infection-causing organisms like bacteria and viruses.


Peppermint, when added to any skin care formulation makes your skin feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of life. It also reduces inflammation and irritation within the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is most known for its applications to skin conditions. The inclusion of Aloe Vera within oldsore helps to soothe the affected area as well as reducing scarring from cold sores.

To find out more about our product and the science behind it, try our oldsore oil.